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02 June 2009 @ 04:52 pm

                                                     Love and Lies
                      Chapter 1

Annie Weasley could steal the heart of just about any man. She was a beautiful 18 year old starting college in California. It wasn't only her good looks, like her gorgeous blond hair, her skinny body, her flawless skin and glowing smile that caught people's eyes. It was also her personality. She was funny, sweet, smart, caring, energetic and all around interesting person and the life of the party. With her good looks and dynamite personality,  just about every man fell for her. But today Annie was walking into Starbucks looking for only her Double Chocolate Cappuccino, not to run into any guy.
Annie waited in line for her Double Chocolate Cappuccino. There were many people here today, so Starbucks was a little hectic. When the man yelled “Double Chocolate Capp!" Annie said "Over here!", and ran forward, and so somebody else. Luckily, nobody grabbed the drink because it would have spilled over them as Annie had run into the person. "Ahh." Annie said, grabbing her head. "I'm so sorry." "No, it was my fault." said the other person as they held out their hand to Annie. Annie looked the person. He was a handsome boy in his late 20s it seemed, with dark blackish hair and a killer smile. The whole look of him seemed almost familiar to Annie, as if he were an old childhood friend. The young man let that smile be shown as soon as he got a look at Annie. "No, really, it was my fault. And to make it up to you, how about I take you out to dinner?" Annie was already done. She hated guys who just flirted with her even though they didn't know her. They just went for looks. What if Annie was a really bad person? Not that she was, but they wouldn't know, because they didn't get to know her. "No thanks." said Annie, and was already walking away, when the boy said, "Well at least let me offer you my drink." Then Annie realized that she had forgotten her drink. "It's okay, I'll wait for mine.” He said. "But that is mine already!" Annie said as she made a grab for it, but the tall man held it above his head, out of her reach. "No, it's mine and I'm granting in to you." “I- was-in-line- before you!" Annie said between hops as she unsuccessfully tried to get it, laughing at herself. "Double Chocolate Capp for the man." Said a pimply Starbucks worker. "Thank you." The boy said as he took his drink and gave Annie hers. "So I was right." Annie said.” It was mine." "I knew that." the man said. “I just wanted to get a conversation started." Annie smiled.  "Hey do you want to sit down with me and while we drink?" "Sure." Annie replied. "I'm Josh, by the way. Josh-" And now Annie new why he looked so familiar like a childhood friend. He had played a big role in Annie's childhood, little did he know. "Josh Peck!" Annie said as she ran over to hug him. "Yeah, that's me." He said. "I never thought I'd actually get to meet you! Your were one of my idols as a kid!" "I've been told that." Josh said. What's your name?" "Annie Weasley." "So let me ask you a question." Josh said. "Why did you want nothing to do with me 5 minutes ago and now all of a sudden you're sitting down with me?" 'That's because I didn't know you and you didn't know me and you were asking me out. I hate when people do that." Annie explained. "Good to know. So I was one of your idols as a kid?" Annie explained to Josh all about her obsession with Drake and Josh, from everything from actively watching Drake and Josh to making up songs for characters like Mindy Crenshaw, to her Merry Christmas Drake and Josh premiere party where all the girls made shirts and chose a character so their shirt said I love Drake Parker or Josh Nichols or Crazy Steve or whoever, to how she had converted one of her friends who thought that Drake was overrated to one of the biggest Drake and Josh fans and a huge Josh Peck fan, to how she had had Josh Peck movie nights with two of her obsessive Drake and Josh fans, to how she and to friends had gone on the side of the street holding signs that said 'HONK FOR JOSH PECK!' to her HUGE obsession with Drake Bell and how she had converted all her friends to Drake Bell fans. "But there was only one Mrs. Drake Bell, and that was me." Annie finished. "Whoa." Said Josh after several seconds. "You were a big fan." Annie and Josh went into a huge discussion about Drake and Josh, and all though it was such a long time ago that Annie had last talked about Drake and Josh, she was surprised at about how much she knew. Everything seemed to just come to her. There was not an episode or character she had forgotten. She guessed it was a part of her past she couldn't erase or forget, not that she wanted to. "So now that you know me, I'm gonna try this again. Do you want to go out with me?" Annie thought about this. She wasn't really interested in Josh. She didn't really see him in a romantic sort of way. But, how often does the star of your all time favorite TV show, who happens to be nine years older than you, want to go out with you? "What time?" Annie said. Josh smiled and said, "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm free all day today.”Me too!" Annie said. "How about now?" Josh said. "What!?" Annie said. "C'mon!" Said Josh, grabbing Annie's hand. "It'll be fun." Annie and Josh walked out of the Starbucks, and took a taxi to a surprise place Josh had thought of. It was a fair.
It was one of the funnest days Annie had had in a long time. Josh and Annie went on rides, played games, and laughed the whole time. Near the end of the night, Josh got a call. "One second, I got to take this." He said and left Annie on the park bench. When he got off the phone, he sat next to Annie. "Annie, this has been one of the funnest days I've had in a long time, but I have to say something. I don't think this is going to work out between us. I don't see us together, but I can see us as good friends, best friends. "Josh, you don’t have to say anything. I don't really think about you that way either. I just went on this date because I like you as a person." "Oh, really, that's a relief." Josh said, smiling. “I still want us to be friends." "Me too." said Annie. "But, don't think I'm going to leave you all alone. I have an idea.... What would you say if I could get you a date with Drake Bell?" Drake
Bell?! The Drake Bell?! It was like all Annie's dreams had finally come true. Sure, Annie was not obsessed with Drake Bell or Drake and Josh anymore, but Drake would still be her first pick for hottest man alive. It was like all her feelings for Drake  were buried in a childhood time capsel were coming back, they had never actually left, they had just been pushed aside. "That would be awesome!" Annie exclaimed. "Ok, but here's the story. Drake has a girlfriend. Her name is Melina Hotchkiss. She's breathtakingly beautiful. But her personality is like poisoned honey. The only person who likes her is Drake. She's nasty. But the worst part is she's changing Drake. Like, okay she epsically hates me. I don't know why, but that Melina Hotchkiss has got it in for me. Even Miranda Cosgrove and her boyfriend have said she really is mean to me. So as usual, like every time we meet, she's blabbing her mouth about me and the rest of her snotty comments behind Drake's back. But one time she said something about me, and this is all to my face of course, and let it slip in front of Drake. I looked at Drake and Miranda said, 'Drake, did you hear what she said?' Drake shrugged it off, like he does to every bad thing Melina says. And DRAKE DOESN'T DO THAT! Even things that aren't a big deal, Drake will go up to that person and tell them off. He's my best friend, but lately I don't even know who he is anymore. And you? Annie, you’re perfect for him. Drake's everything you need. He's attractive, funny, smart, interesting, fun, romantic, heck, he's your celebrity crush! And you're everything Drake needs. You're meant to be. And it'll get that two faced brat off our backs. I'm not saying for you and Drake to cheat behind Melina's back, I'm saying for you to show Drake what kind of girls are out there that he's missing, and then he'll dump Melina and go for you. And I'm not saying for you to make him fall for you in one night, I'm saying he'll fall for you gradually. So, what do you think?" "Well, it sounds kind of risky..." Annie began. "What's life without a little risk? Channel your inner Drake Parker! You even said so yourself before you heard the problem that you'd want to go on a date with him. Come on, you'll have something to do Saturday night!" "Oh, all right! Annie said. "I did want to the whole time anyway!" "Excellent!" said Josh.

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